About Sijie

Nanjing. Minneapolis. Houston. Ann Arbor. Seattle.

Moving around has given me the privilege to compare and contrast China and the US, the Midwest, the South, and the West Coast. It is by taking myself out of the familiarity that I understand myself better and know that I am capable of doing things that I would not imagine before. Such reward comes with challenges at different stages, from the initial studying abroad at University of Minnesota to moving to Houston neither knowing anyone nor having visited the city before. Reflecting on this journey, I would like to share my stories, tips, and “I wish I would have”, especially with international students.

Finance analyst-turned MBA student and now a program manager in tech, I am passionate about helping international students succeed in college and find a job in the US if they desire. The passion has grown stronger now that I have been on both sides (job seeker and recruiter). Apart from mentoring students and writing blogs, I love running outside on sunny days, practicing yoga, enjoying the company of friends, reading, unlocking escape room, dog earring J.Crew and Madewell catalogues, and planning my next vacation.

You could get in touch with me at sijieand500words@gmail.com